International Conference

"The European Middle Ages in Global Entanglement.
Integrative and Disintegrative Effects of Migrations"

Berlin, 25.-28. May 2011

In the course of the work of the Priority Programme, questions of integration and desintegration of cultures produced research dynamics that made it difficult to seperate Europe from the Mediterranean or Asia.
Scholars of transcultural Medieval Studies have to transcend Europe`s conventional borders and look beyond the Latin West and even a multireligious and multi-cultural Europe at Europe´s place in global entanglemet. Members of the Priority Programme are specifically interested in exchange with colleagues whose focus of research lies outside of Europe, in Asia and Africa.
To spark such a transdisciplinary debate about questions of a global history of the Middle Ages, it seems appropriate to focus on processes of integration an disintegration caused by migrations. Not only is migration a global phenomenon which has shaped the history of humankind in all places and at all times. It also necessarily results in transcultural entanglement by transplanting people into new social environments, thereby evoking contacts and conflicts. Thus, migrants and the societies they migrate into, transform each other.
After six years of research into cultural dynamics in medieval Europe, the Priority Programme will conclude its activities with an international conference entitled "The European Middle Ages in Global Entanglement. Integrative and  Disintegrative Effects of Migrations". The conference especially welcomes Ph.D. students  and PostDocs from Germany and abroad.


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